Katy Martin

Visual Artist

Katy Martin is a visual artist whose work combines painting, photography and performance. She also makes films and videos.

Katy's art - paint on skin - is about the fluidity of borders, and skin itself as a porous boundary that continually shifts and changes.

"In Chinese painting, it's not so much the marks you look at, as the way the energy moves around the marks. That space is empty but full, full but empty to allow for the flow of ch'i.

In my current work, I first paint on canvas. Then I stand in front of that to paint on, and photograph, my own skin.

The two substrates, body and canvas, become oddly equivalent. Figure and ground are one and the same.

The gesture, the movement, extends through both. The body appears and disappears."


Katy Martin      212-334-6964      katymartin7@gmail.com