Katy Martin

Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions:

2015       Paint on Skin, Alexander/Heath Contemporary, Roanoke, Virginia

Films by Katy Martin, Anthology Film Archives, New York

2014       Local Color, The Film-Makers' Cooperative, New York

2012       After Bada Shanren, The Narthex Gallery at Saint Peter’s Church, New York

2010       Water Mountain, Drawer 158, New York, New York

2009       The Jade Said, B1 Live Art Space, Shanghai, China

2005       Forget About Doing Art, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China

2001       Shadow Boxing, PS 122 Gallery, Hallway Project, New York

Katy Martin: New Work, Film and Photography Gallery, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

2 and 3-person Exhibitions:

2018       Robert Huot and Katy Martin, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris

2017       Art at Justice Is Compassion (with Jackson Krall and Tine Kindermann), The Clemente, New York, NY

Robert Huot, Katy Martin and Bill Brand, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris

2016       Bill Brand and Katy Martin: Body, Lens, Brush, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris

Films by Bill Brand and Katy Martin, Light Cone Scratch Projection, Studio des Ursulines, Paris

Figure Painting (3-person with Robert Huot and Anthony Panzera), Alexander/Heath Contemporary, Roanoke, VA

Artist-in-residence (with Bill Brand), College of FIne Art, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

Exhibitions as part of The Meeting Point Collaborative:

2018       Performance #7: LIVE IN PARIS, Les Nocturnes de Laude, Paris (solo exhibition)

2016      The Meeting Point / Between / White / Silence and Us, SACD, Paris (solo exhibition)

Crossing Movements: Art and Its Double, The Beijing Audiovisual Center, Beijing, China

 and traveling to five other Chinese cities (group show)

2015      The Meeting Point // Paris-New York, Galerie Double S, Paris, France (solo exhibition)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016       The Modeling of the Medium, Art Museum of the College of Fine Art of Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

2015       On-stage Projection, The Vision Festival at the Judson Church, New York

2014       Former Islands, Heliopolis Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (in collaboration with poet Lisa Chen)

1994-2004 - 20th Anniversary Retrospective Part I, Westchester Community College, Peekskill, NY

2013       Skin Trade: an in-depth look at the surface of things, PPOW Gallery, New York

2012       Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989, The New Museum, New York

(as part of Coleen Fitzgibbon's selection from her 5 Bleecker Street showcase)

The End of the World, The Streaming Museum, www.streamingmuseum.org

Jasper Johns: In Press/The Crosshatch Work and The Logic of Print,

The Arthur M. Sackler Museum / Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

(continuous screening of Martin's films on Jasper Johns and printmaking)

Heart + Art, DM Contemporary, New York, New York

Global Culture/Local Color, Making Sense colloquium, Cite Universitaire, Paris, France

2011       Illusive Views (3-person), Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

Urban Landscape in Cinematic Transformation, Anthology Film Archives, New York

Argument of the Eye, Uniondocs, New York

2010       Through Our Eyes: Berlin/New York, GalerieForum Am Meer, Berlin, Germany

Threads, Drawer 158, New York

New York Avant-Garde Cinema, 23rd Singapore International Film Festival, Malaysia

Inside/Outside: Short Videos from China, Montclair Film Forum/MSU, New Jersey

For the Birds, Anthology Film Archives, New York

2009       Case Study: Eye World, Triple Candie, New York

Chinatown Film Project, Museum of Chinese in Americas, New York

Films by Bill Brand and Katy Martin, The Catholic University, Montevideo, Uruguay

2008       Through Our Eyes: Wuppertal/New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

and The Painting Center, New York

By Night – No Stillness, Vision Collaboration Festival, Symphony Space, NY

2007       A State of Mind, Vision Festival, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York

2006       Through Our Eyes, Belfast/New York, Green Dog Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland

In Black and White and Living Color, Tribeca Film Festival, New York

Creating Scape, Zheng Da Villa, Shanghai, China

2005       It was here a minute ago! NURTUREart Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

New York, New York, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

2004       Memoria, Homage to El Salvador, The Brecht Forum, New York, New York

Superheroines, Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, NY

Through Our Eyes, Artists Exchange International, Art in General, New York

2002       Key to the Quick, Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York

Preview: Be-Hold # 39, Be-Hold, New York

2001       Big as Life: An American History of 8mm Films, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

2000       Delicate Tissue, MY Art Prospects, New York

1999       Big as Life: An American History of 8mm Films, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

1994       Gesture and Geometry: Battenfield and Martin, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

1990       Natural Selection, Henry Street Settlement, New York

1983       Three Dimensional Photographs, Castelli Graphics, New York

Curatorial Projects / Projects with China:

2010       Focus Shanghai: Lu Chunsheng and Birdhead, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York  (co-curated with Michelle Loh)

Longing, Alive and Well, Chinese Video at the Gershwin Hotel, New York

co-curated with Michelle Loh (New York) and Denis Zhu (Shanghai)

2009       Walks Pathways and other Film Trajectories: Daichi Saito and Tomonari Nishikawa, EXiS, Seoul, Korea

2008      12+ Film/Video Series, MoCA Shanghai, China

solo film/video shows by Leslie Thornton, Saul Levine, Su Friedrich and Vincent Grenier

with an in-depth interview with each artist published in Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine)

Focus Shanghai: New Chinese Video,

a 3-program series at Anthology Film Archives, NY

co-curated with Denis Zhu (Shanghai) with selections traveling to:

The Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, MO; and

Pacific Film Archives/UC Berkeley Art Museum, CA

2006       Art as a Form of Conversation: Avant-Garde Film/Video from the USA,

a 4-program series at the Dashanzi Arts Festival, Beijing, China

China's Cutting Edge: New Video Art from Shanghai,

a 4-program series at Anthology Film Archives, New York

co-curated with Denis Zhu (Shanghai) with selections traveling to:

Pacific Film Archives/UC Berkeley Art Museum, CA;

Massachusetts College of Art, Film Society, Boston; and

The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore

Selected Publications (writing, interviews, photos):

"Beauty, Longing, and Fear" by Katy Martin and Linda Cummings, Making Sense - Beauty, Creativity, and Healing,

edited by Bandy Lee, Nancy Olson, and Thomas P. Duffy, New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2014.

“Ellen Zweig and Leslie Thornton: In Conversation with Katy Martin,” Split Attention,

 53 Art Museum (exhibition catalogue), Guangzhou, China, fall 2011

“Here and There: An Interview with Vincent Grenier for an Exhibition in China,”

 Millennium Film Journal #53, New York, fall 2010. (lead article)

“Daichi Saito and Tomonari Nishikawa Interviewed by Katy Martin,” EXiS Asia Experimental Media Issue,

edited by Hang-Jun Lee, Seoul, Korea: Common Life Books, 2009 (in Korean and English).

Also published in Chinese in Film Appreciation Journal, No 145, Fall 2010 (translated by Tony Wu)

“Interview with Vincent Grenier.” Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine), Shanghai, China, Dec 08 (published in Chinese)

“Interview with  Su Friedrich.” Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine), Shanghai, China, Oct 08 (published in Chinese)

“Interview with  Saul Levine.” Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine), Shanghai, China, Aug 08 (published in Chinese)

“Interview with Leslie Thornton.” Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine), Shanghai, China, June 08 (published in Chinese)

“Forget about Doing Art.” Katy Martin interviewed by Zhu Haijian, Yishu Shijie (Art World Magazine), Shanghai, China,

Jan 05, pp. 46-50. (published in Chinese)

Cover photo.  Be-Hold #39 (catalog of 19th and 20th century photographs), published by Larry Gottheim, New York, 2002.

Cover photo and book design.  Giannina Braschi, El imperio de los sueños, San Juan: University of Puerto Rico Press, 1999.

“Art, Danger and Sacred Space," Bomb Magazine, Spring, 1999, p. 81 and pp. 104-105, ill.

“Nick Pappas on Plato and Wittgenstein: Interview with philosopher Nickolas Pappas,"

Bomb Magazine, summer, 1996, pp. 66-70, ill.

"An Interview with Jasper Johns about Silkscreening." Jasper Johns: Writings, Interviews and Work Notes,

New York: The Musem of Modern Art, 1996.

"An Interview with Jasper Johns about Silkscreening" and frontispiece/photos.

Jasper Johns:  Printed Symbols, The Walker Art Center,  Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1990.

Full-page photo and extensive quotes featured in

Riva Castleman, Jasper Johns, A Print Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1986.

Drawing, Bomb Magazine, fall, 1985, p.73.

Drawing, Bomb Magazine, winter 1983, p. 24.

"Marcel Duchamp's ANEMIC-CINEMA."  Studio International, London, Jan./Feb. 1975 (special issue on Duchamp)

Selected exhibitions and screenings of Katy’s film, Hanafuda/Jasper Johns:

The Arthur M. Sackler Museum / Harvard Art Museum, Boston, MA (2012)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1990)

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Kunstmuseum, Basel, Switzerland

The Isetan Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Fukuoka-Kenritsu Museum, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan

Yokohama Museum, Yokohama, Japan

Castelli Graphics, New York - to inaugurate a new gallery (1981)

Selected Bibliography:

Greg Allen, “Jasper Johns Making Silkscreens by Katy Martin,” greg.org, May 23, 2012.

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Sarah Kirk Hanley, Ink / Jasper Johns’s Revolution in Print, Art 21 Blog, June 1, 2012.

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Tokuzo Okabe, Feature article on the film, HANAFUDA/JASPER JOHNS.  Bijutsu Techo, Tokyo, Japan, March, 1987.

Dalia Judovitz, "Anemic Vision in Duchamp," Dada and Surrealist Film, Rudolf Kuenzli ed.

NY: Willis Locker & Owens, 1987, pp. 55-56.


Anthology Film Archives - Film Preservation Project, 2012-15

to preserve, archive, and present Martin's film, SILKSCREENS

(with funding from the National Film Preservation Fund and The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - Manhattan Community Arts Fund, 2002

National Endowment for the Arts, Artist’s Fellowship in Painting, 1989

PS One/The Clocktower, Studio Artist Residency, 1977-78

Selected Lectures and Artist’s Talks:

2013       Shifting Figure/Moving Ground, Yale Medical School, New Haven, CT

Visiting Artist, International Center for Photography, New York

2012       Global Culture / Local Color, Making Sense Colloquium, Cite Universitaire, Paris, France

2011       Beauty, Longing and Fear, Making Sense Colloquium, Yale University, New Haven, CT

(keynote session with Elaine Scarry and Linda Cummings)

2007       New Chinese Video, a 2-lecture series at Massachusetts College of Art, Film Society, Boston, MA

New Chinese Video, The Maryland Institute College of Fine Art, Baltimore, MD

2006      Visiting Artist, China Central Academy of Fine Art (CCAFA), Beijing, China

2005       Visiting Artist, Shanghai University (East Campus), Shanghai, China

Visiting Artist, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, Vermont, MFA, 1997

Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, BA, 1973 (double major in art and literature)