Katy Martin

Collaboration: Berlin-New York

Shot Counter Shot: Berlin/NYC

A weekly PHOTO EXCHANGE with German artist Lilly Grote

June 2011-present



Since June 2011, Berlin artist Lilly Grote and I email each other one JPEG every week. It's usually a picture taken in the course of that week, so our project has become a shared diary and sketchbook of visual ideas.

"Shot Counter Shot" is a cinematic term that refers to the camera setup for opposing points of view. Lilly and I are both filmmakers, so in the beginning, that was a natural place to start. Since then, though, our sense of dialogue and exchange has become fluid and overlapping. By now, Lilly's perspective on life in Berlin is all mixed up with my experience of New York.

Maybe instead of a portrait of two cities, our project is of a shared mental landscape and the ambiguous "mobile" world that so many of us live in, across time and space.