Katy Martin

Film and Video





by Katy Martin and Miriam Parker

2009, video, 10 minutes

painting/camera, Katy Martin

dance, Miriam Parker

music, Hamid Drake

sculpture, Jo Wood-Brown

Premiered at the Vision Festival in New York

BY NIGHT - NO STILLNESS is a study in black, where black becomes a radiant space within which one finds inner light.  Taking its cues from Rothko's last paintings, BY NIGHT - NO STILLNESS homes in on the luminosity that emerges when you enter a dark place.

Dancer Miriam Parker and percussionist Hamid Drake perform within a video projection of a black and yellow painting, on Parker's body, by the painter/filmmaker, Katy Martin.  The piece explores movement in relation to the painted gesture and fragmented, dreamlike sculptural space.


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