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12+ Contemporary Film Screening of Experimental Film - "The Notes"
14 August 2008

Saul Levine:The Notes
Organized by Katy Martin &Zhu Haijian
Held by: Art World Magazine & MoCA Shanghai
Time::2008.Aug.23th (Saturday), 2 p.m.
Venue: MoCA Shanghai (Gate 7. People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road), 2F, Conference room
More information please visit <Art World> or MoCA Shanghai website:,
Please book in advance and check in at the front desk. The museum staff will give you the directions to the screening room. For booking or further inquires please email us at or call 63279900-124.
Director: Saul Levine
Time: 73 min
Language: English
Brief Description of Director:
The French surrealist poet, Jean Cocteau, said that, "Film will only become art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper." In the days before the invention of light video cameras, 8mm film came as close as you could to Cocteau's dream. Saul Levine adopted the medium in the 1960s and began using the camera to record his daily life, out of which he developed his art. 
Levine's life has included some key events of an era, so his films evoke history from a fresh point of view. Over the years, Saul has created a body of work that is, first and foremost, a collection of "cine-poems." Yet these films also give us a document, and a formally innovative record of the artist's life.
Saul Levine's films have screened throughout the United States and Europe. He has been featured in solo shows at the New York Film Festival and the Rotterdam Film Festival. In addition, Levine is also influential as a teacher at MassArt and programmer at MassArt Film Society (Boston). He holds an MFA from the Chicago Art Institute, where he studied with Stan Brakhage.
Levine is widely considered the master of small gauge (8mm) filmmaking in America, and he also works with 16mm film, video, sound, and performance art. He tends to push each medium to its limits, often through editing, where shots can be as short as one or two frames, or as long as a single 80-minute take. 
Films Presented:
Note to Colleen,1974,silent,5min
Note to Pati,1969,silent,8min
Bopping the Great Wall of China Blue,1981,sound,6min
New Left Note,1968-1982,sound,26min
Whole Note,2000,silent,12min
August Moon an See,1997,silent,4min
Amazing Grace,1999-2000,silent,3min
I Saw the Light, Praise the Darkness,1999-2000,silent,9min