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12+ Contemporary Film Screening - "Peggy and Fred in Hell"
09 June 2008

Organized by Zhu Haijian
Held by: Art World Magazine & MoCA Shanghai
Screening Dates:
2008.Jun.21th (Saturday), 2 p.m. 《Peggy and Fred in Hell》
2008.Jun.22th (Sunday), 2 p.m.  Other Experimental Films by Leslie Thornton
Venue: MoCA Shanghai (Gate 7. People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road), 2F, Conference room
More information please visits <Art World> or MoCA Shanghai website:,
Please book in advance and check in at the front desk. The museum staff will give you the directions to the screening room. For booking or further inquires please email us at or call 63279900-124.
《Peggy and Fred in Hell》
Director: Leslie Thornton
Time: 90 min
Language: English
Brief Description of Director:
Leslie Thornton was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1951. Thornton went to college at SUNY Buffalo, a vibrant center for experimental film in the early 1970s. At Buffalo, Thornton absorbed an approach to filmmaking that was formally radical and, in terms of content, firmly rooted in fine art, literature, and critical theory. She first trained as a painter, and later switched to film. She went on to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Richard Leacock, a pioneer of documentary film.
Since the 1980s, Leslie Thornton has been at the forefront of American experimental film. Her work is formally innovative and highly poetic. 
To date, Thornton has completed over 20 films and videos, plus a number of installations. Major works include ‘Adynata' (on how China is perceived), ‘Another Worldly', ‘The Great Invisible', ‘let Me Count the Ways: Minus 10, 9, 8, and 7... ' and ‘ Peggy and Fred in Hell'.
Thornton's film and media works have been exhibited worldwide including at The Museum of Modern Art, Her work has garnered widespread critical acclaim, with feature articles and reviews in a variety of publications. She has received the highest award in her field, the Maya Deren Lifetime Achievement Award, and she was the first media artist to receive the Alpert Award in the Arts.